The V Team —taking action
for others

Throughout the year, Verizon employees are making a difference as volunteers, supporting their neighbors and helping make their communities more resilient. Through their volunteer efforts, these V Team members embody an important component of our Credo: We are good corporate citizens and share our success with the community. In 2018 V Teamers donated more than 200,000 hours to nonprofit causes.

V Team members give generously, not only of their time but also their financial resources. Through our Matching Gifts Program, V Teamers donated millions of dollars in 2018 with corporate matching gifts of up to $1,000 for their personal charitable donations and up to $5,000 for donations to eligible educational institutions. Team members who volunteer at least 50 hours at a nonprofit during a calendar year can generate a $750 donation from Verizon to that organization.

The talent and energy of V Teamers helps bring our Verizon Innovative Learning initiative to life. In 2018, nearly 4,300 V Teamers shared their time and expertise by serving as STEM mentors.

Our Employee Resource Groups are committed to many volunteer initiatives across the globe like supporting Robotics teams, mentoring students, and serving as role models to encourage girls and students of color to pursue careers in STEM, to name a few.

More than 27,000 V Teamers across 36 countries and territories belong to the Verizon Green Team, our grassroots collective of volunteers dedicated to environmental stewardship.

The V Team’s impact in 2018

donated by Verizon employees
to schools and nonprofits
employees in support of nonprofits
donated through Verizon’s Matching
Gifts program – supporting employees’
donations of time and money to schools
and charitable organizations