Environment|Efficient Facilities & Logistics

Better systems, best practices

A commitment to installing energy-efficient systems and employing energy management best practices contributes to reaching our goal to reduce the carbon intensity of our operations. Facilities improvements include mechanical and whole-building control systems, LED lighting, high-efficiency motors, economizers, cable dehydrators and high-efficiency uninterruptible power supplies.

Better cooling technologies in our data centers further our progress towards reduced carbon intensity, and these approaches have improved power utilization effectiveness (PUE) at these facilities. Extensive deployment of economizers, which bring outside air into the HVAC system when it is cooler outside than in, also reduce energy consumption.

Altogether we have 354 LEED-certified buildings and 278 ENERGY STAR-certified buildings, and we are committed to pursuing ENERGY STAR certification for 100 percent of eligible facilities.

For the
6th consecutive year,
Verizon was named as an ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year and was again recognized for Sustained Excellence.

More efficient logistics

Over the past year Verizon Wireless has reduced our shipping carbon intensity – the amount of CO2 emitted per pound shipped through our supply chain – by 15 percent compared to 2017. These logistics improvements represent the removal of approximately 5,633 metric tons of CO2 emissions from the atmosphere, or the annual equivalent of about 13 million passenger vehicle miles.

A big reason for the improvement? We’ve changed the way customers send and receive packages when they buy a new device or when they participate in Verizon’s Trade-in program. Formerly, customers purchasing a new device and trading in an old phone would receive a package containing their new device from one distribution center and a second empty package from another facility to return their trade-in device. Thanks to operational and IT improvements, these customers now receive a single package with their new device and all the materials needed to complete their trade-in. It creates an easier and more environmentally friendly experience for our customers.