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Grassroots environmental action delivers results

The Green Team is Verizon’s voluntary, grassroots effort that builds sustainability into everything we do. In 2018, 27,248 employees in 36 countries and territories were part of the Green Team. Green Team members work to help Verizon reduce our environmental impact at work and to reduce their personal impact at home. Verizon has a public goal of 20 percent of employees participating on the Green Team by 2020. At year-end 2018 we met that goal early, with 20.4 percent of employees participating, and set a new goal of having 25 percent of employees on the Green Team by 2025.

In 2018, we exceeded our goal to conduct 250 Green Team events – encompassing tree plantings, green space cleanups, beautification projects, recycling events and more.

In March 2018, Verizon observed Earth Hour by offering employees five ways to pledge an hour to the environment throughout the month. This annual event brings together individuals, companies and other organizations to raise awareness around resource use and conservation. Green Team members in 36 countries pledged nearly 14,000 hours in the month of March.

274 Green Team events in 2018
More than
27,000 employees
on the Green Team
More than
724,000 trees
planted since 2009

Reforestation initiatives

Verizon established a goal to plant 2 million trees by 2030, and in 2018 we made continued progress toward that objective. In 2018 we sponsored the planting of 156,766 trees, including more than 50,000 trees in areas impacted by the 2017 hurricanes. Since the initiative began in 2009, some 724,550 trees have been planted. For 2019 our goal is to sponsor the planting of an additional 120,000, including 50,000 trees in hurricane-impacted areas.