Environment|Environmental Management

Identifying and reducing risks

Verizon has adopted an environmental management system (EMS) based on International Standards Organization (ISO) 14001 and achieved certification in some markets, while evaluating implementation across the business. Our EMS provides guidance, instruction and best management practices that exceed regulatory requirements while striving for continuous improvement. In 2018 we updated 7 programs with an environmental focus.

Verizon’s EMS provides a framework for identifying, controlling and reducing the risks associated with the environments in which we operate. Besides regular management system assessments, internal and third-party compliance audits and inspections are performed annually at hundreds of facilities worldwide. The goal of these assessments is to identify and correct site-specific items, and to educate and empower facility managers and supervisors to implement corrective actions.

Verizon’s environment, health and safety efforts are directed and supported by highly trained and experienced health, safety and environment experts around the world that support our operations and facilities.