Environment|Efficient Mobility

Supporting lower-carbon alternatives

We continue to focus on improving the fuel efficiency of our fleet. As we replace older service vans, we are switching from V8 to V6 engines because they are more fuel efficient. In addition, as we replace aerial lifts, we have switched to systems that run solely on electric power so a technician can turn off the vehicle’s main engine.

As we work toward a lower carbon future, electric vehicles (EVs) are playing an increasing role in making personal mobility more environmentally efficient. To support that transition, and to help our employees reduce their emissions and carbon footprint, we’re expanding our capacity for EV charging at Verizon facilities.

expand on-site EV charging to 75 locations by 2020

75 sites

2018 progress:
current locations with EV
charging stations

61 sites

Verizon fleet fuel consumption
(1,000,000 gallons)