Reaching our conservation goal

Water is a precious and irreplaceable resource, and many communities are water stressed – struggling to balance competing demands for a limited water supply. At Verizon we are doing our part by setting conservation goals and implementing processes to reduce our water consumption.

Verizon established a goal of reducing water consumption by 5 percent over a 2014 baseline. By 2016 we had met and exceeded that goal, having achieved a reduction of 7 percent. Following that success we twice raised our targets for water conservation. Our current, updated goal is to reduce our water consumption by 15 percent over our 2016 level by 2025.

Our water performance has been externally assured by EY. For details and our full calculation methodology, read the Independent Accountants’ Review Report.

15% reduction
against our 2016 baseline
8% reduction
against our 2016 baseline