Governance|Code of Conduct

As our Credo states: We believe integrity is at the core of who we are. This principle governs every aspect of how we run our business, from how our Board of Directors operates to our engagement with stakeholders.

The Code: Safeguarding the integrity of our business

We monitor conflicts of interest and require all employees to complete Verizon Code of Conduct training to safeguard the integrity of our business.

We maintain a comprehensive ethics and compliance program that’s built on our Verizon Code of Conduct and includes ongoing educational communications, mandatory training and readily accessible tools. The Verizon Code of Conduct defines how we work. It establishes a set of guidelines aligned with the principles in our Verizon Credo and our core values of Integrity, Respect, Performance Excellence, Accountability and Social Responsibility. The Code helps V Teamers make sound job-related decisions that strengthen our culture of integrity.

Compliance with the Code and applicable laws and regulations is expected wherever V Teamers conduct business on behalf of Verizon. All employees must complete required Code training and apply its principles in their work. The Code outlines ethical and legal expectations in a number of areas, including:

  • Maintaining an inclusive and healthy work environment
  • Maintaining integrity and fairness in the workplace
  • Protecting Verizon’s assets and reputation
  • Maintaining integrity and fairness in the marketplace

We also continue to share additional compliance and ethics-related communications with V Teamers, including training on privacy and information security for all employees.

A conflict of interest questionnaire is regularly completed by all Verizon employees at the director level and above, and by employees below the director level in targeted areas of the business.

An Environment, Health and Safety Attestation is completed each year by management showing their commitment to supporting their teams in following safe work procedures and environmental requirements for their job.

All V Teamers are encouraged to raise questions, report concerns and acquire any additional needed information about our ethics standards. V Teamers are provided with a suite of resources to help them fulfill our commitment to integrity, including:

  • The VZ Compliance Guideline, available 24 hours a day at 844-VZGUIDE or 844-894-8433 in the U.S. and at (+) 800-0-624-0007 outside the U.S., online at; and via email at;
  • Our Security Control Center, operated by our global security organization, which team members can reach 24 hours a day at 800-997-3287 in the U.S. and at 972-615-4343 outside the U.S. to report or inquire about issues ranging from international cybersecurity to legal compliance;
  • Our Reporting/Inquiry Channel for accounting matters, managed by our Internal Audit group, which can be reached at (or through the VZ Compliance Guideline); and
  • Our Environment, Health and and Safety Hotline, for reporting emergencies, arranging for waste disposal or getting on-site help from the company’s environmental and safety specialists, available 24 hours a day at 800-386-9639 (both in and outside of the U.S.).