Priorities|CSR Strategy

A strategy derived from robust stakeholder engagement

Our CSR strategy is grounded in our priorities, which are defined by our Credo – the set of principles that describe who we are and what Verizon’s customers value. Many principles of our Credo, including focus outward on the customer, having integrity at our core, embracing diversity and sharing our success with the community are inherent in our social responsibility framework. This framework outlines the focus areas in which we are infusing social responsibility practices into our core operations. They are:

Growth and customers: We are building processes to identify and pursue market opportunities that address economic and social challenges while enabling significant revenue generation for Verizon. In addition, we are working to ensure that our product development processes incorporate product life cycle considerations, and our business cases include environmental and human rights considerations.

Performance excellence: We are further integrating efforts to minimize our environmental impact into our processes, and finding additional ways to work in partnership with our suppliers to scale these efforts. In addition, we are targeting opportunities to align with the social responsibility goals of our partners and suppliers to effect positive change on a global scale.

Trust: We are redoubling our efforts to be transparent and put policies in place that engender customer trust.

We partnered with BSR, the global sustainability nonprofit, to identify and prioritize the environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues most relevant to our stakeholders. We group those issues into three categories:


Issues managed as part of responsible business practices.

  • Supply chain standards
  • Appropriate use of digital technology
  • Content standards & user controls


Issues that may represent risk or opportunity for the business.

  • Employee engagement
  • Climate change
  • Corporate governance


Issues that could significantly change the impact of our business.

  • Privacy, data security & freedom of expression
  • Technology solutions to social issues
  • Community investment