V Team|Employee Growth & Development

Dedicated to V Team success

Each year we invest hundreds of millions of dollars in initiatives to train employees and support their professional and leadership development. As part of our culture, we focus on purposeful learning to help V Teamers grow, advance and reach their full professional and career potential.

The Association for Talent Developmentā€™s BEST Awards recognize companies for best-in-class employee talent development. Verizon ranked 4th in these rankings in 2018. We also were recognized as one of 20 companies that made this list for three years or more.

Learning & development

In 2018, we invested
$235.3 million
in learning and development
initiatives for our employees

V Teamers completed more than
5 million
hours of training in 2018

Employees have access to more than
16.9 thousand
learning experiences

V Team training

Average annual hours of training per team member

Tuition assistance

Verizon funding/participation

V Team members are provided up to
$8,000 annually
through our Global Tuition Assistance Program to fund higher-education studies to enhance their careers at Verizon