V Team|Employee Resource Groups

Strengthening our connections, empowering the V Team

To create and sustain a diverse and inclusive culture, it’s essential that we engage and empower our employees so they can fulfill their greatest potential. Our global employee resource groups (ERGs) and their members serve as ambassadors of diversity and inclusion. While each ERG has its unique mission, together all work toward four common objectives:

  • Career – dynamic programming for employee professional development.
  • Customer – a forum for employees to collaborate to help the company deliver great customer experiences in all market segments.
  • Community – outreach to enable economic inclusion for underserved communities.
  • Culture – continue to build an inclusive company culture where everyone can thrive on their uniqueness and contribute to the business.

ERGs help the V Team to value and leverage our differences – and similarities. By collaborating through ERGs, members bring their whole and authentic selves to their work and contribute their unique perspectives. Knowing their voices are heard and their work is valued, they find a strong sense of belonging, helping to drive Verizon’s competitive advantage.

We want every member of the V Team to bring their best selves and feel included at work every day. So, in addition to engaging thousands of V Teamers through our ERGs, we strengthened our best practices for a diverse and inclusive culture by expanding the reach of our unconscious bias training. Live workshops and virtual training were implemented, covering all levels of the organization in 2018. As we continue to learn about and discuss the impact of unconscious bias, we will explore opportunities to ensure our policies, practices and systems evolve to reflect that learning.

Verizon sponsors nine ERGs:

  • Asian-Pacific Employees for Excellence
  • Black Resource Association of Verizon Employees
  • Disabilities Issues Awareness Leaders
  • Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Employees of Verizon and Their Allies
  • Hispanic Support Organization
  • Native American People of Verizon
  • South Asian Professionals Inspiring Corporate Excellence
  • Veterans Advisory Board of Verizon
  • Women’s Association of Verizon Employees