V Team|Safety

Applying best practices for
working and living safely

Our culture of safety begins with our Be Safe principles – Be Smart, Aware, Focused and Equipped. The principles emphasize keeping V Teamers safe at work, at home and on the road.

Verizon operates a health and safety management system that has been certified to the International Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) 18001:2007. We pride ourselves on continuous improvement to address the changing work environments of our employees. We updated 13 employee health and safety programs and created 15 new training courses in 2018; including online and instructor-led training to educate V Teamers about best practices and working safely with our ever-evolving technology. Topics included aerial lift operation, centralized radio area network integration, fiber splicing, pole climbing and ladder handling, fiber engineering and line construction.

In 2018 our occupational injuries and illnesses rate was 1.28 per 100 employees, nearly 50 percent below the Bureau of Labor Statistics telecommunications industry average of 2.4.

Verizon’s commitment to a safe workplace and environmentally responsible work practices extends to the suppliers that perform services and supply products to us. These suppliers play a critical role in the company’s success. Verizon works with them to ensure that they share our same level of commitment to the environment and health and safety (EHS) excellence.