Building trust through transparency

Creating a dedicated ESG team

In the fourth quarter of 2019, at the request of our Board of Directors, we created a new role dedicated to enhancing Verizon’s sustainability reporting and stakeholder engagement on environmental, social and governance issues that align with Verizon’s core business strategy. The Chief ESG Officer heads a newly formed cross-functional team that focuses on strategic areas including governance, reporting, human rights, environmental sustainability and digital safety. The Chief ESG Officer also oversees Verizon’s efforts to deliver on our ESG commitments.

Reports and commitments

We have a long history of reporting on our corporate responsibility performance. We are advancing our reporting strategy this year by providing an index showing how our disclosures align with SASB’s Telecommunications Services standard. We are also proud to have published our inaugural TCFD Report. We also publish:

  • A semiannual Transparency Report, listing all the law-enforcement requests for customer information that we received in the U.S. and other countries in which we do business, as well as the demands we receive to block websites as of the publication date.
  • A semiannual Political Engagement Report, disclosing all of Verizon’s PAC contributions, corporate political contributions and support for ballot initiatives, and independent expenditures, as well as listing our public policy organization’s significant memberships in trade organizations.
  • Verizon’s broadband commitment, outlining our commitment to an open internet that provides consumers with competitive broadband choices and internet access—when, where and how they want it.
  • Our Conflict Minerals Policy, discussing our collaboration with industry organizations and our suppliers to enhance visibility into and eliminate conflict minerals from our supply chain.
  • Information about Verizon’s digital safety program, including metrics on Verizon’s fight against the dissemination of child sexual abuse material.