Climate Protection

Addressing climate change and protecting our environment is a responsibility we share with our V Team.

Green Team

The Green Team is a voluntary, grassroots effort that builds sustainability into everything we do. In 2019, 33,776 employees in 49 countries and territories were part of the Green Team. Green Team members work to help Verizon reduce our environmental impact at work and to reduce their personal impact at home.

Our goal is to have 30% of Verizon employees on the Green Team by 2022. By the end of 2019, just over 22% of V Teamers are on the Green Team. In 2019, we held 58 e-waste recycling events for our employees and the community. Through these events we exceeded our 2009-2020 goal to collect 4 million pounds of e-waste. We have set a new goal to collect and recycle 5 million pounds of e-waste between 2009 and 2022.

To encourage our V Team members to use electric vehicles (EV) with ease and confidence, we continue to expand access to EV charging across Verizon facilities. In 2019, we had EV charging stations in 71 locations and are on track to meet our goal to expand to 75 locations by 2020.