Buildings and data centers

Data centers

Our data center designs and operations leverage the full range of environmental tolerances allowed by most server, storage and network hardware suppliers. This enables the wide use of energy-saving practices such as direct outside air (free) cooling, evaporative cooling, containment and passive exhaust. We also leverage the full limits of our power and cooling infrastructure by monitoring and managing the power demand profile at each layer of distribution.

Our data center design embraces modular construction practices that allow for quick deployment and seamless integration so new data center capacity arrives just in time. This prevents dormant capacity from becoming a drag on operations, cost and energy efficiency.

In addition, some of Verizon’s largest data centers are located near, and supplied by, hydroelectric projects. We’ve also invested in a commercial wind farm to partially offset data center energy usage at other locations.

LEED certifications

In 2019, ENERGY STAR updated its certification algorithm which resulted in fewer ENERGY STAR-certified properties than in previous years despite continued strong performance. We have achieved 637 ENERGY STAR certifications at 278 different properties since 2001 and remain committed to pursuing ENERGY STAR certification for 100% of our eligible facilities. Verizon has also completed 357 LEED-certified projects since 2009.