Network resiliency

We continually work to not only reduce the environmental impact of our operations, but also to make our networks and infrastructure more resilient.

Every year, we make significant investments in real estate and network maintenance to build resilience into our operational infrastructure. Depending on the geographic area and type of risk, steps to enhance infrastructure resilience have included adding stilts to raise equipment that powers cell sites, moving site generators from basements to a higher level or platforms, and installing new fiber solutions underground rather than using aerial fiber. We also have ongoing efforts to improve backup facility power systems, including power capacity at facilities located in areas with greater storm and wildfire risk, by adding generators to at-risk sites where, historically, the site only had backup batteries.

We have several established formal processes for managing business continuity, including our corporate policy on business resilience, which sets forth a policy regarding National Security Emergency Preparedness. The policy requires us to establish and maintain a plan for the continuity of operations and management in the event of local emergency or widespread disaster.

We encourage you to read our 2019 TCFD Report for more information.