Ethics and compliance

In 2019, we integrated our Ethics Office with the Verizon Compliance organization. This combined organization delivers consistent guidance on integrity issues, so that as we create the networks that move the world forward, we do it the right way. The Ethics Office continues to serve as the primary resource for employees seeking ethics advice and assistance and has two primary functions: fielding questions about ethics issues and responding to concerns and complaints about potential misconduct. Our Ethics team:

  • Operates the VZ Compliance Guideline, a 24x7 resource for reporting ethics concerns and seeking guidance. The Guideline can be reached at 844-VZ-GUIDE,, or Investigations, inquiries and complaints are confidential. Employees have the option to contact the Guideline anonymously.
  • Triages concerns and allegations raised to the Compliance Guideline, making sure that they are assigned to correct teams in Human Resources, Legal and Security.
  • Provides ethics advice to employees seeking guidance in applying the Verizon Code of Conduct and company policies to business decisions or outside interests.
  • Administers the annual Conflict of Interest Questionnaire process.