How we operate

At Verizon, we drive our business forward through the management structures we have put in place and the planning and implementation process we use for decision-making and execution.

Our management team is organized into functional groups that have responsibilities for our business operations and corporate functions. We have organized management of our business operations around the customers we serve—Consumer, Business and Media—with a centralized Global Network & Technology Group managing our world-class networks. Our primary corporate functions provide financial, administrative, legal, public policy, marketing and strategy support and oversight to the business groups.

To make sure that we have a holistic perspective and appropriately assess risks and opportunities when making important decisions for the business, we have established a number of cross-functional management councils composed of members of our senior management team from each business group and centralized function and overseen by our CEO. Our management councils address a wide range of matters that are critical to our company’s success, including business and technology strategies, product development, brand strategy and customer experience, social responsibility, resource allocation and emergency preparedness.

Conducting business responsibly

Both our Board and senior leadership team recognize that operating responsibly—promoting ethical business practices and the well-being and health of our environment, employees, customers and communities— is fundamental to the long-term success of Verizon.

Over the past two years, our Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer has led an assessment of the state of responsible business practices across our enterprise, with the goal of integrating responsibility into every aspect of our business. The Verizon Responsible Business Council (RBC), chaired by our CEO and composed of members of our senior leadership team, oversees this process. The RBC helps our company set ambitious impact goals and monitors progress toward achieving them. At least annually, our Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer reports to the Board on the RBC’s activities and the company’s community and social impact initiatives. Verizon’s CEO, with support from the RBC and Board, has committed to meet the responsibilities of the UN Global Compact and to collaborate with its members to bring about positive change.

Listening to consumers

Our long-standing Consumer Advisory Board (CAB), composed of diverse leading business and public-interest advocates, provides us with an unfiltered view of relevant technology, consumer, business and social issues at biannual meetings. CAB members’ perspectives and advice play a role in the development of many important Verizon policy and business decisions.