Digital responsibility Accessibility

Accessibility considerations are integral to the design, use and customer support features available for our products and services. We continually test the accessibility of our products, using the same assistive technology as our users: closed captioning, switch control, on-screen keyboards, alternate-input devices and screen readers. As part of an annual Accessibility Bug Bash, our product teams work to resolve accessibility bugs across our products. We operate Accessibility Labs in New York, Boston and Sunnyvale, California, to support this effort and to recognize outstanding employee contributions. Our cultural investment in accessibility helps make our sites and apps usable for all, delivering a great customer experience.

Verizon has long championed accessibility because we believe that all people should have access to new technologies and great content. To create systemic change around accessibility, Verizon has developed partnerships to address unmet needs in the disability community. Because people with disabilities are significantly underrepresented in media images, Verizon Media partnered with The National Disability Leadership Alliance and Getty Images to create The Disability Collection, a growing collection of stock images that break stereotypes and authentically portray people with disabilities in everyday life.

Verizon Media also founded XR Access with Cornell Tech in New York to create a community of practice among industry, academia and disability advocates to encourage virtual and augmented reality technologies to be built accessibly for people with disabilities.

We’re also tackling the accessibility skills gap. Many businesses lack the workforce to execute accessible design and development because there are so few experts practicing in this area. We co-founded Teach Access, a coalition of top tech companies, major universities and leading advocacy organizations with a mission to infuse accessibility concepts and skills into higher education curriculum. Together, we empower students studying design, computer science and human-computer interaction with the knowledge necessary to help create a more inclusive and accessible world.

Verizon provides access to a range of wireless and Fios TV accessible products and services for people with disabilities including:

  • Hearing-aid compatible phones
  • Free 411 search
  • Free directory assistance
  • Support for real-time text (RTT)
  • Fios TV text to speech
  • Big button remote
  • Descriptive video service (DVS)
  • Fios TV guides and channel lineups in large print