Digital responsibility Open internet

Verizon has been at the forefront of innovation in the broadband ecosystem, advocating consistent policies aimed at creating a robust, level and dynamic playing field for all participants in the internet environment. We support an open internet because our customers demand it and our business depends on it. We have invested billions of dollars in developing our broadband networks and have actively encouraged the development of a wide range of devices and applications to enable our customers to access and use the internet as they choose. As we state in our broadband commitment to our consumer broadband customers:

Full access. We will not block any legal internet content, applications or services based on their source or content.

Full speed. We will not throttle or slow down any internet traffic based on its source or content.

Fair handling of traffic. We will not accept payments from any company to deliver its traffic faster or sooner than other traffic on our consumer broadband service, nor will we deliver our affiliates’ internet traffic faster or sooner than third parties’. We will not prioritize traffic in a way that harms competition or consumers.

Full information. We will describe our internet access services and our plans in plain language so customers can make informed choices.

High-quality service. None of these commitments precludes us from reasonably managing our networks to ensure everyone has the broadband experience they demand and deserve.

The Federal Trade Commission can enforce Verizon’s commitments and address any practices that harm consumers or competition. The FCC can also take enforcement action if we do not adequately disclose how we handle internet traffic.