Digital responsibility Robocalls

The phenomenon of robocalls has been steadily increasing in recent years. In fact, YouMail, a third-party robocall blocking software company, estimates that more than 58.5 billion robocalls were made in 2019, a stunning 92% increase over the 30.5 billion robocalls placed in 2017. At Verizon, we have always worked hard to protect and insulate our customers, where possible, from these unwanted calls. While ultimately the problem needs to be addressed by stopping illegal robocalls at the source and by implementing technology to prevent bad actors from disguising their identities, we are providing customers with ways to directly protect themselves from robocalls in the meantime.

Tools for customers

We provide tools that wireless and wireline customers can use to help insulate themselves from unwanted and illegal robocalls. We also empower our customers to use options available from third parties. In 2019, Verizon added robocall protection features for no additional charge for wireless customers subscribing to our Call Filter service. On the wireline side, all Verizon customers with Caller ID service receive Verizon’s Spam Alerts service for free. We also make sure all Fios Digital Voice customers are aware of the free blocking service offered by Nomorobo, which relies on the simultaneous ring feature that we provide for free to those customers.