Please carefully read the Terms and Conditions for the Fios Prepaid Autopay (AP) option: By enrolling in, using, or paying for Verizon service by AP, you agree to these terms and conditions. If these Terms and Conditions are not acceptable to you, please notify Verizon immediately at 1.800.VERIZON (1.800.837.4966).

  1. AP Enrollment

    1. I authorize Verizon to treat my electronic signature as evidence of my consent to save my payment information and initiate electronic payment transactions from my designated debit card, or credit card account. My authorization via electronic signature has the same effect as a handwritten signature on a paper-formatted contract.

    2. I understand that AP enrollment applies to the debit card or credit card account that I designate.

    3. I agree to prepay my Verizon services until the AP enrollment is established and I receive an electronic notice that I can discontinue making manual prepay payments.

    4. Each month, I authorize Verizon to automatically charge my credit card or debit card for the amount due on my Account Statement. The Renewal AP charge or debit will be made no less than 5 days before my monthly service Expiration Date. Verizon will provide at least 10 days advance notice of the AP payment date. I understand that when the charge or debit date for my AP payment falls on a weekend or holiday, Verizon will initiate the charge or debit on the next business day.

    5. To cancel AP, I understand that I should visit my account payment preferences online at, or call 1.800.VERIZON.

    6. Verizon will provide me with an electronic Account Statement at

    7. I understand that I must register on to view my Account Statement.

    8. I understand that it is important that I view my Account Statement online every month as important messages regarding my service may appear.

    9. I agree to have Verizon notify me by e-mail and/or SMS text each month, at least ten days before my payment is to be charged, of the Amount Due to Renew and that my Account Statement is available online for viewing and printing. I understand that I may be charged for the SMS text message depending upon my carrier and text plan.

    10. I agree to promptly update my e-mail address and/or Wireless phone number at if it changes.

  2. Update Bank/Card Information

    1. I understand that if there is a change to my card account information, including expiration date, I must sign in to my account at or call 1.800.VERIZON to update the AP enrollment information.

    2. I understand that Verizon may receive updated card information from the financial institution issuing the card.

  3. Billing Errors

    1. I understand and agree that Verizon is not liable for erroneous Account Statements or incorrect debits/charges.

    2. If a billing error occurs, Verizon is responsible for correcting it, if and when, I notify Verizon of the error.

  4. Returned Payments

    1. I understand that if my payment is rejected, refused, returned, disputed, or reversed by my financial institution or card issuer for any reason, then Verizon has the right to charge a returned item fee and to cancel my account from the AP option.

    2. I understand that if my financial institution ever declines my automatic payment for any reason then Verizon will attempt to contact me and retry the transaction.

    3. I understand that if my payment is charged back I will be de-enrolled from AP and my services may be interrupted. If my payment was charged back due to fraud, I will be de-enrolled from AP and my services will be terminated.

    4. Verizon and participating financial institutions reserve the right to terminate my participation in this payment option at any time, as authorized by applicable law.

  5. Fees

    1. I understand that Verizon does not impose a fee for participating in the AP option.

    2. I understand that I should verify with my financial institution to determine if additional charges apply.

  6. Changes and Updates

    1. From time to time, Verizon may revise these Terms and Conditions. Verizon will provide notice of such revisions by posting them to Material revisions to the Terms and Conditions shall be effective no sooner than 30 days after posting on the Verizon website at If you do not agree to Verizon’s revision(s), you must terminate your AP enrollment immediately in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. By continuing to use Auto Pay after revisions are in effect, you accept and agree to all revisions.