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Online Safety for Families


This blog post from Craig Silliman reminds parents that we have parental controls.


Mary Heffernan of Five Mary’s Farms shares her perspective on parenting across two very different lifestyles.


Today, we thank the FCC for its action to help combat fraud and identity theft by approving our request for a temporary lock on all new phones.


Just Kids is a new mix and match plan that gives parents peace of mind and includes Verizon's industry-leading suite of comprehensive parental controls.


Verizon is taking a stand to help protect our customers from fraud and identity theft.

wanted poster of a hacker

Today there is more personal data available on the web than ever before. This has led to a global issue of identity theft.

Family Online Safety Institute

On April 19, parents will get access to the most comprehensive mobile parenting tools in the industry as Verizon evolves FamilyBase into Verizon Smart Family.

Ransomware still a top cybersecurity threat, warns  Verizon 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report

The 11th edition of the Verizon DBIR gives in-depth information and analysis on what’s really going on in cybercrime, helping organizations to make intelligent security decisions.

Image of a teenager on a phone.

Learn about helping kids navigate our always-connected world with the Family Online Safety Institute in our Up To Speed Podcast.

FamilyBase App

The FamilyBase app lets parents establish time and data controls, block access to inappropriate apps and websites, and view their child's text and call history.