9 Surprising Careers at Verizon

9 Surprising Careers at Verizon

Speech scientist. Machine learning data scientist. Consumer intelligence analyst. These may sound like characters in a sci-fi flick, but they’re real Verizon careers for people with the right skills. These jobs are vital to our success, and perhaps to yours, too. Take a closer look, and click on the job titles to search open positions.

1. Speech Scientist

We’re on the cutting edge of automatic speech recognition. Do you have an affinity for language modeling, an ear for acoustics and novel ideas for automatic speech recognition solutions? Then this may be the job for you. We’re looking for innovators who can turn spoken words into text for enhanced TV-watching experiences.

2. Machine Learning Data Scientist

With a forward-thinking model in technology comes the science of data-driven predictions. Your analytical mind can create mathematical algorithms to help us solve unique challenges and achieve our business objectives.

3. Consumer Intelligence Analyst

The idea of creating models to study our marketing performance excites you, because you really understand predictive analytics. You’re ready to apply research and assessment skills to create solutions that will keep our customers loyal.

4. Sourcing Process Lead

These Sourcing professionals are a critical part of our supply chain efforts. They analyze people, processes and suppliers, identify the best ones for our business, and minimize risk and cost to the company. If you’ve got great optimization skills and this is the sort of complex puzzle you can put together, then let’s talk.

5. Learning and Development Trainer

Behind every great frontline employee is a great learning and development trainer. Use your practical experience to create educational curricula such as role-playing aids, online learning modules and skills assessments for Verizon’s customer-centric employees.

6. Real Estate Design Manager

We don’t just need people to build our products and services. We also need people to design the facilities and workspaces where our products and services are created, maintained and sold. Use your architectural skills to create transformational workspace designs and tailor these spaces for our needs.

7. Automotive Equipment Technician

What do hydraulics diagrams and welding gear have to do with Verizon? Everything, if you’re one of our skilled fleet mechanics. You’ll literally roll up your sleeves every day to repair and maintain Verizon vehicles and construction equipment so that our fleet runs smoothly.

8. Bilingual Sales Rep

You may not realize how valuable your bilingual skills are, but communication is the key to offering the best solutions for our customers’ needs. Your ability to speak more than one language can help you connect with our diverse customer base.

9. Technical Support Specialist

You’re that unique combination of customer service ace and technical whiz. You have the people skills and technical know-how to troubleshoot any wireless product or service problem, from adding a line to a customer’s plan or fixing a complex device issue.