You can handle a career in Customer Service

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We’re looking for more than a few good reps for our customer service positions, and they can be hard to find. Do you have the special skillset we need? It may surprise you that relevant experience in customer service is only preferred; we offer award-winning training that will get you up to speed.

What we’re looking for comes from your core -- the right attitude and perseverance. If you think you have what it takes to succeed in customer service, ask yourself if you’re:

1. A creative thinker who thinks fast

Sometimes the best solution isn’t in the book. It takes creativity to discover an out-of-the-box fix and quick thinking to do it while you’re talking to a customer.

2. A team player who’s also self-motivated

Teamwork is essential to working in customer service. Many successful reps have a history of working well with a group, including fraternities, sororities and sports teams. But the drive to succeed — and the stamina to deal with a high volume of calls --comes from someone determined to do the best job possible.

3. Empathetic but tough-skinned

Our most successful reps are selfless and genuinely interested in helping. They are adept at communicating empathy to customers, getting inside their heads without taking heightened emotions personally.

4. High energy with a low boiling point

Staying cool under pressure and maintaining a positive frame of mind does wonders in customer service. It helps to come in each day ready to get things done but also ready to talk to people and lessen their concerns.

5. Equally adept at listening and speaking

Great customer service reps listen carefully to understand what the real problem is, and they’re also able to effectively articulate a solution, which is extremely important when you’re not with the customer in person.

6. Patient but driven

It takes time to learn the job thoroughly. Being goal-oriented is important, but that focus shouldn’t come at the expense of doing the job right. If you supply the ambition and drive to achieve customer and company goals, we’ll provide the tools and training to help you do your job and reach your own goals.

If you have the traits to handle a career in customer service, you’re in for a rewarding experience with a clear career path, competitive salary, 401(k) and other benefits on Day One.

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