And the Emmy Goes to ... Verizon

Emmys aren’t just for those in Hollywood. We have an Emmy Award winner on the Verizon team.

On Jan. 8, Network Engineering & Operations Supervisor John Jones received an Engineering Emmy Award. He is part of the Video Services Forum, recognized for its work in standardizing video transport methods.

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, the same organization that awards Emmy statues to our favorite Hollywood stars, also awards Engineering Emmys. They recognize individuals and companies for technological excellence in the video industry.

A Team With a Mission

The Video Services Forum, formed in 1998, is a partnership of service providers, users and manufacturers dedicated to interoperability, quality standards and education for video networking technologies. The members also work together to create standards for video delivery and provide support to companies that rely on this industry for their livelihood.

Jones was elected to the Video Services Forum Board of Directors in 2013 because of his extensive work transforming the Verizon Audio Video Operations Center in Washington, D.C. He led the initiative to upgrade and double the capacity of the center from analog to an almost 100 percent digital/high-definition facility.

Recognized for Network Leadership

The awards ceremony was held at the Consumer Electronics Show (in Las Vegas). The Video Services Forum, along with a number of other companies, received the Emmy for “Standardization and Productization of JPEG2000 (J2K) Interoperability."

That's a mouthful. But in simpler terms, this Emmy acknowledges the team’s work to transition from proprietary broadcast infrastructures based on specialty equipment and interfaces to IT-based packet networks (Ethernet, IP, etc.), where Verizon is a leading provider. This lays the foundation for a more robust, scalable platform for video transport to improve the quality and level of service for the end user.

Verizon congratulates John Jones and the entire Video Services Forum for their Emmy Award. We are proud to have a Verizon employee as our own Hollywood star.

This article was contributed by Jill Behunin, who is on the communications team.