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Collaborative Workspace Benefits All

Verizon employees who work at the recently renovated call center in Lowell, Massachusetts are benefitting from their new workspace. Inside the spacious, modern facility, employees have access to a bank, dry cleaners, hair salon, coffee shop, daycare center, fitness center, cafeteria, and plenty of free parking.

Approximately 1,000 Verizon employees occupy some 300,000 square feet on several floors of the Lowell facility in one of the three CrossPoint Towers at 900 Chelmsford St. They include employees from the Dispatch Resource Center, the Network Operations Center, the Service Fulfillment Center, the Assignment Provisioning Center, and Customer Financial Services, IT, and Verizon Cloud Services.  It is one of Verizon’s largest administrative office facilities. The towers were once occupied by Wang Laboratories.

With the updated environment, the employees are better able to collaborate and solve problems together to better serve our customers. Take a look inside!