Building Bikes for Charity. Building Teams for Camaraderie.

What’s your perception of meetings? Stuffy conference rooms? Stuffed suits waxing poetic about "shifting the paradigm"?

Not at Verizon.

Instead, a few of our Northeast Area teams decided to add fun team building exercises that not only strengthened employee camaraderie, but also served local communities.

By participating in The Charity Bike Build, Verizon team members built 15 bicycles for the Boys and Girls Clubs of MetroWest, Massachusetts. The club serves surrounding communities, providing youth development, education, prevention, social, athletic and recreation programs to over 3,500 at-risk children and teens each year.

Building More than Teams

As our Credo says, our culture is one of the biggest drivers of our business. We strive to make our culture energizing, focused on results, but equally focused on serving the communities where we work and live.

Team leaders, Kelly Paone and Jack Sordillo, saw an opportunity to do this through their participation in The Charity Bike Build.

"Our teams are busier than ever," said Kelly, "and we have to make the most of these opportunities away from our desks. For us, it was important to combine our teambuilding exercise with something that would be good for the communities that we serve."

Hitting the Road for the First Time

As fun as the team building exercise was, the day's highlight was presenting the kids with — what was for most of them — their very first bicycle.

“The teams used their leadership, problem solving, organization and communication skills to overcome challenges," said Kelly. "And they did it in order to build bicycles for young children in need. It doesn't get much better than that."