If You Missed It at the Cineplex in April...

"We'll just have to wing it. That's a bat pun." -- Lego Batman
KDDI Japan customers will use VoLTE service while traveling in the United States

“The Lego Movie,” “The Monuments Men,” “Son of God,” “About Last Night,” “Lone Survivor,” and “Robocop” Among 20 New Movies Available to Order with FiOS On Demand in May

When our son was a youngster he loved Legos.  And he was good with them too, often able to assemble models for ages three to four years older than he was, without directions.  But as creative as he was with Legos, he never got around to making a movie about them.

“The Lego Movie” highlights a fast-moving May line-up for FiOS On Demand and promises to be a popular item with FiOS kids all over the map.  Fresh off of the experience of a successful free FiOS On Demand Spring Marathon, customers will find plenty of great movie options for both kids and adults.

FiOS On Demand makes it easy for young parents, or any customer, to own a movie like “The Lego Movie” and let the kids watch it when they want, where they want, at home on the TV or on the device you want, anytime, anywhere.  Purchasing is easy, done on the TV screen with your remote.  And since it is stored in Verizon’s cloud server, you have access to your titles next month, next year or years from now.

You can see some of the 20 new titles below that highlight a great month of personal entertainment options for FiOS TV customers in May.  The FiOS On Demand new release titles here are available before they are released on DVD and often weeks before they are available on Netflix.  When you use FiOS On Demand, you can be one of the first to see new release movies in your home, with May featuring highly popular movies such as:

 The Monuments Men Own:  May 6 Rent:  May 20
 Son of God Own:  May 6 Rent:  June 3
 About Last Night Own:  May 20 Rent:  May 20
 Lone Survivor Own:  May 20 Rent:  June 3
 Robocop Own:  May 20 Rent:  June 3
 The Lego Movie Own: May 20 Rent:  June 17


May’s  On Demand “new releases” represent hundreds of millions in box office ticket sales.  And whether you decide to own or rent, you’ll be able to view your movies anywhere, anytime, on a variety of devices at or away from home.