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International data plans: 6 tips for traveling abroad

As the days get warmer and the sun shines brighter, summer plans come to fruition as people begin heading to their desired destinations. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, many of us depend on our communication devices to stay connected when on the road.

With the ability to browse the Web, check email, share photos and more, wireless technology has enhanced our capacity to communicate with friends, family and colleagues from anywhere in the world. While our devices can help us meet deadlines, share selfies and post updates, the reality is these tasks use a significant amount of data and charges can quickly add up—especially when traveling outside the United States. Help make your international travels more relaxing without the stress and worry of huge international data usage charges by following these six tips: 

  1. Turn off data roaming 
    Data roaming can easily suck up a majority of your monthly data when overseas, so save yourself from unnecessary data charges by making sure roaming is turned off. On an iPhone, go to settings, select general and then network to turn off roaming. On an Android, go to settings, wireless networks and then mobile networks. Another popular alternative is turning your phone on airplane mode. 
  2. Purchase an international data plan
    This is one of the easiest solutions. Verizon offers International Data plans to get the best bang for your buck. TravelPass offers coverage in more than 130 countries.
  3. Check your data usage periodically
    You won’t be able to avoid usage, so be sure check and monitor your data usage with one of these free tools. Track it often and make sure you’re staying in your allotted data usage for the month. This will be a definite help when you’re concerned about running over your data plan abroad. Set your phone’s data tracker to zero before you leave to see how much data you are using each day. 
  4. When possible, use WiFi 
    When you are using WiFi, you aren’t using data. Make sure WiFi is always turned on where it exists. If you’re in an area where the WiFi is plentiful, try using apps such as Viber, which allows you to call, text and send pictures for free in an area with WiFi or 4G LTE. You can also use What’s App, a messaging communication source via WiFi. 
  5. Disable all push notifications and automatic syncing
    These two features easily drain the majority of your data without you even noticing. Take the extra minute to turn these features off when leaving the country. While these notifications may be helpful and essential in your daily life, your data will be gone before you know it! 
  6. Post-Travel Advice
    Don’t forget to update your new international plan, if necessary, when you return from your trip. You don’t want to be paying for international usage fees after you arrive home! With a couple of quick changes in your daily device habits, you’ll be able to easily manage your data usage when traveling internationally. 

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