11.27.1995Enterprise Tech

LDDS WorldCom signs multimillion dollar agreement to provide voice, data, and services to COMDATA

JACKSON, Miss. (November 27, 1995)-- WorldCom, Inc., has signed one of the largest commercial contracts in the history of the company, a long-term agreement with Tennessee-based Comdata. Under the seven-year, multimillion dollar deal, LDDS WorldCom will provide Comdata an array of voice and data products and services for internal communications needs. The contract also will allow Comdata to resell telecom services to its customers nationwide. 

"LDDS WorldCom is in a position to offer our business customers a full complement of outstanding voice and data products and services in the United States and throughout the world," said Jack Rosso, LDDS WorldCom vice president of national accounts in Nashville, Tenn. "The new agreement with Comdata demonstrates the confidence large corporations place in our ability to deliver state-of-the art telecommunications products and services." Rosso added, "We've enjoyed a great working relationship with Comdata for several years. We've had an opportunity to see the company grow and call volumes increase substantially each year, and we are pleased to be their telecommunications partner." 

Comdata President and Chief Operating Officer Edward A. Barbieri said, "With this agreement, we've expanded our ability to offer customers the voice and real-time data services they need -- now and in the future. Comdata's Telecommunications Services group can now better assist our customers by offering top-quality, full-service long distance at very competitive prices. And by using telecommunications services along with our other products and services for the transportation and gaming industries, customers can have a single provider for many of their business needs." 

LDDS WorldCom will provide a complete suite of switched services, private line services, prepaid calling cards and frame relay services to Comdata. LDDS WorldCom also provides an on-site customer service team to handle ordering, billing and immediate customer service needs. "Our voice and data services fit hand-in-hand with the internal telecommunications needs of Comdata and the needs of their customers. Comdata is a heavy data communications user nationwide and our company offers a wide variety of enhanced data services," Rosso added. "We're also introducing new voice and data products which Comdata and other business customers will be able to take advantage of in the years to come. We look forward to this extension of our solid relationship with Comdata." 

Comdata is a leading provider of transaction processing services to the trucking and gaming industries. Comdata serves the transportation industry by assisting trucking companies and truck stops with data-intensive operations, such as funds transfer, fuel purchase and permits. Cash advance services from Comdata are available at most gaming locations nationwide. C

omdata Holdings Corporation common stock trades on the NASDAQ National Market System under the symbol CMDT. LDDS WorldCom, one of the four largest long distance telecommunications companies in the United States, offers domestic and international voice, data and video products and services to business customers, other carriers and the residential market. It operates a digital fiber-optic network and has worldwide network capacity. 

The common shares of WorldCom, Inc., trade on the NASDAQ Stock Market under the symbol WCOM.