A look at inside sales

There’s much more to sales at Verizon than working in a retail store. “Inside sales is about painting pictures,” says Claudia Perez, who leads a team of inside sales representatives. “A lot of people are not familiar with the opportunities that an inside sales career at Verizon can offer.”

Claudia explains that since inside sales take place over the phone, there’s no physical product for the customer to hold and experience. An inside sales representative must paint a picture of the product that both consumer and business customers can see in their minds. This is the challenge and the opportunity of inside sales.

There’s no waiting for customers to come to you, because you can take the initiative.

Claudia Perez

Inside sales: turning shoppers into buyers

Because inside sales doesn’t rely on in-store traffic, it offers its own opportunities. “There’s no waiting for customers to come to you,” Claudia says, “because you can take the initiative.” And when calls do come in from customers with questions or problems, those calls present more selling opportunities.  “We instruct employees to analyze the customer’s account and help them with what they’re looking for,” she says. “After they’re done helping the customer, that’s when they talk about opportunities.” If a caller has more complicated service issues, the inside sales rep ensures they are routed to the customer service team  for resolution.

Inside sales is different from customer service. Calls usually involve customers looking for new products rather than asking for help with ones they’ve already purchased. Claudia says her team’s goal is to turn shoppers into buyers by providing the products and services they need.

Opportunities abound

Claudia is an acting supervisor, which is helping her prepare for advancement. “I really enjoy inspiring others to be successful,” she says. “It’s so satisfying when I see my employees improve.”

Good performance can lead to financial rewards that include commissions and annual performance bonuses. Verizon also offers a tuition assistance program  for employees working toward college degrees. Jazcelyn Pagan has been an inside sales representative for a little more than a year and has already been promoted once. She is following in Claudia’s footsteps, hoping to become a supervisor.

Over the phone, the customer feeds off your energy.

Jazcelyn Pagan

Energizing the conversation

So if you’re interested in sales but the retail environment isn’t your first choice, a career in inside sales offers solid opportunities. It’s all about helping customers find the right products and services, and it comes from accurately interpreting their needs. Other great personal traits to have included active-listening skills, comfort with a fast-paced, results-oriented environment, and a willingness to learn about the wide array of products and services available.

Jazcelyn explains why these qualities are so important. “Over the phone, the customer feeds off your energy,” she explains. “I try to set a positive, energetic tone right from the beginning. When I say, ‘Thank you for calling Verizon,’ I want customers to know I mean it.”

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