Secrets From a Tech Recruiter: Summer Bennett

Secrets From a Tech Recruiter: Summer Bennett

Developing applications, coding and programming? You do that in your free time and that makes you exactly the type of technical go-getter we’re looking for. If you’re looking to do some serious software engineering, Summer Bennett from our talent acquisition team uncovers some recruiting secrets below to help you stand out in the interviewing process, as well as some points to avoid.

“Verizon always needs to be evolving. We expect that same flexibility from our candidates. You should constantly look for new ways to tackle projects and be comfortable in software development environments that may not always be consistent.”

Other attributes we look for when we begin our candidate review:

  • A hands-on coder. You take end-to-end ownership of each technical module, from concept to launch. You may have even been a supervisor on your last software development project, but it’s your ability to execute that allows you to meet job-specific challenges.
  • Someone who has earned high marks for keeping up with your field. Candidates who catch our eye are those who stay current with today’s programming languages and methodologies. You’ve got domain expertise, but you’re constantly researching so you can bring the latest knowledge to the whiteboard. What draws us in? Open-minded candidates who aren’t afraid to innovate with established languages (like Java) and learn new languages (like Scala).
  • Multidisciplinary skill set = high-end software engineering. Maybe you’re confident in your systems skills, but you’ve also got some network experience under your belt. Our hiring managers need candidates who can Python as well as Perl and script while they’re thinking ahead about security. We look for applicants who are comfortable wading outside their area of expertise as needed.
  • It’s not the years—it’s the experience.  It’s what you bring to the table that matters more than how long you’ve been at the table. If you have a computer science degree, worked for one of our peer companies or even hail from a nontraditional background, your skills may have perfectly prepared you for the innovation and leadership required in a software engineering role.

Come back for more insights in the next installment of our Secrets From a Tech Recruiter.