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03.19.2019Inside Verizon

Fremont is closed but our store is open.

By: Verizon Up To Speed

Flooding has a small town in Nebraska inaccessible, but our Verizon store remains open to serve the community.

Fremont is closed but our store is open.

Historic floods have cut off access to the town of Fremont, Nebraska from neighboring communities. Our store is open there and our team is helping people in their time of need.

12 students from WiTNY, or Women in Tech and Entrepreneurship in New York, participated in a “winternship” with Verizon. Students toured multiple Verizon facilities, including the 5G experience lab, met with leaders and worked on 5G and network projects.

This upcoming Monday, we’ll be hosting our Women’s History Month webcast. The event starts at 1 PM ET, live from the Basking Ridge auditorium.

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