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UTS was live on social from the March Leadership Forum.

By: Verizon Up To Speed

See what happened on social during the March Leadership Forum event on March 11 & 12.


  @VZUpToSpeed   10:17 AM - 11 Mar 2019

@HansVestberg is Live from the Leadership Forum! Join us at 1 PM ET for an employee webcast. #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   12:45 PM - 11 Mar 2019

The room is set, people are arriving and the candy bowl on our table is full. That could only mean one thing - The Leadership Forum is about to start. We'll be here all day folks, so stick around. #LiveFromVerizon

@daedyo - Replying to @VZUpToSpeed

Love the swedish fish!

  @VZUpToSpeed   12:56 PM - 11 Mar 2019

@HansVestberg is running through the agenda for the day, I hope they’re taking notes, cause there’s a lot of stuff to cover. The all employee webcast starts in #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   1:00 PM - 11 Mar 2019

It’s starting...opening videos are the best. Kudos to the VZTV Studio team for always killing it. #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   1:04 PM - 11 Mar 2019

Only 20 days to 2.0 and @HansVestberg is setting the framework for building a better future — Preserve, Strengthen and Transform. #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   1:08 PM - 11 Mar 2019

“If you’re number 1, you lead, you’re not waiting for someone else to tell you what to do.” - @HansVestberg

  @VZUpToSpeed   1:13 PM - 11 Mar 2019

“Our brand perception should be all around innovation, trust and a reliable network.” - @HansVestberg

  @VZUpToSpeed   1:18 PM - 11 Mar 2019

"We’re moving from a bi-annual survey to a quarterly one. Given the pace of change, we need your feedback more often." - CAO Marc Reed #LiveFromVerizon

@MattCDavis - Replying to @VZUpToSpeed

Way to go Marc! Rocked it.

  @VZUpToSpeed   1:22 PM - 11 Mar 2019

“If we want to innovate and continue to lead, employees have to feel their voice matters, and have the ways to surface ideas on ways to better serve our customers.” - CAO Marc Reed #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   1:28 PM - 11 Mar 2019

“We’re serving everyone. Everyone from telematics to customers in their homes to big enterprises.” - @HansVestberg #LiveFromVerizon

@JonathanEzor - Replying to @VZUpToSpeed

I love that Hans gave you folks a shoutout! :)

  @VZUpToSpeed   1:32 PM - 11 Mar 2019

All webcasts should be 30 minutes...short, sweet, informative and to the point. Who agrees?We're not going anywhere - stick with us for more updates from the Leadership Forum. #LiveFromVerizon

@ShellyAshwill - Replying to @VZUpToSpeed

Love it. Very well done

@MattCDavis - Replying to @VZUpToSpeed

Left me wanting MORE!

  @VZUpToSpeed   1:34 PM - 11 Mar 2019

@HansVestberg shares that there are 17 leaders in the room who weren't here when they met in November. Welcome! #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   1:38 PM - 11 Mar 2019

Social responsibility is one of our core values. Here's a start - everyone here is using a reusable mug. Check it out. #LiveFromVerizon

@jasontromm - Replying to @VZUpToSpeed

I'm jealous

  @VZUpToSpeed   1:40 PM - 11 Mar 2019

“Current state of the business is good. We’re in a moment of strength, not weakness.” - @HansVestberg #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   1:56 PM - 11 Mar 2019

@QureshiVZ is on stage to discuss strategy. Who better to do that than our Chief Strategy Officer? #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   2:02 PM - 11 Mar 2019

“5G is not an evolution, it’s not just faster data. 5G is a revolution. And we are going to lead it.” - @QureshiVZ #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   2:06 PM - 11 Mar 2019

“Corporate responsibility is a source of differentiation.” - @QureshiVZ #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   2:22 PM - 11 Mar 2019

Want to learn more about @QureshiVZ? Check out this podcast http://uptospeedpodcast.com/powerful-women-in-tech-meet-rima-qureshi #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   2:32 PM - 11 Mar 2019

We're going to break. Be back in a few! #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   2:55 PM - 11 Mar 2019

Back from break. @TamiErwinVZ is up now to talk about the Verizon Business Group. #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   2:57 PM - 11 Mar 2019

“I am proud to work for the type of company that was willing to make this kind of change when they are at the top of their game.” @TamiErwinVZ #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   3:00 PM - 11 Mar 2019

“For the last 8-10 weeks, I’ve been on a listening tour. Talking to employees and customers. Two key messages... the first, why did it take so long to get here? That’s affirmation of our strategy. The second, what do I need to know about #5G?” - @TamiErwinVZ #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   3:04 PM - 11 Mar 2019

“Customers expect us to fuel the fourth industrial revolution and they want to be part of it.” - @TamiErwinVZ More about #4IR: Fourth Industrial Revolution #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   3:12 PM - 11 Mar 2019

"The business group’s winning aspiration: lead digital transformation for businesses, government and communities, connecting them to the global economy with intelligent edge solutions." - @TamiErwinVZ #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   3:13 PM - 11 Mar 2019

@TamiErwinVZ just mentioned apple pie. Did you know she’s a baker? Learn that and more in interviews with @jergo coming out at the end of the month. #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   3:20 PM - 11 Mar 2019

"Make it OK for people to shed work that doesn’t matter. If it doesn’t contribute to revenue growth, remove cost or contribute to the customer experience, we shouldn’t be doing it." - @TamiErwinVZ #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   3:22 PM - 11 Mar 2019

"We need everyone to be all in! 2.0 demands that we unify and align our work. Now is our time." - @TamiErwinVZ #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   3:24 PM - 11 Mar 2019

@RonanDunneVZW is up now to talk about the Verizon Consumer Group. #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   3:28 PM - 11 Mar 2019

"The transformational technology that we have in our homes will change consumers lives, but if we don’t change, it won’t happen." - @RonanDunneVZW #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   3:40 PM - 11 Mar 2019

@RonanDunneVZW on 2019 priorities. "We have to change the way we work. If the people around you aren’t changing, you have to hold them accountable." #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   3:53 PM - 11 Mar 2019

@TamiErwinVZ and @RonanDunneVZW have wrapped. Back in a bit to hear from @gurugk. #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   4:40 PM - 11 Mar 2019

@GuruGK is on stage talking about the @VerizonMedia strategy. #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   4:43 PM - 11 Mar 2019

@VerizonMedia winning aspiration: To be an internet media brand that drives high consumer utility backed by best in class ad tech that can provide high yield for VMG and partners in a brand safe environment.” - @GuruGK #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   4:52 PM - 11 Mar 2019

@VerizonMedia recently launched the Yahoo App. Personalization and contextual content are what consumers are looking for. - @JoLambert #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   5:03 PM - 11 Mar 2019

"We went from being Oath to @VerizonMedia and we got a thumbs up 👍. Our clients love that we are part of Verizon. It means a lot to them." - Sales Leader Jeff Lucas #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   5:08 PM - 11 Mar 2019

Welcome Kyle Malady to the stage to talk about the team that supports all the groups - Global Network & Technology. #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   5:13 PM - 11 Mar 2019

"We build the best networks, best systems at the best cost and have the best culture. If you’re not doing one of these things, you’re wasting your time." - Kyle Malady. #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   5:22 PM - 11 Mar 2019

"There are no '8 currencies of 5G' without the Network team’s focus on Fiber, Spectrum, iEN and Edge Cloud and 5G." - Kyle Malady #LiveFromVerizon

@timtelco - Replying to @VZUpToSpeed

Currencies = Characteristic, got it!

  @VZUpToSpeed   5:29 PM - 11 Mar 2019

"Right now we are the most prolific deployer of fiber in the United States." - Kyle Malady #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   6:02 PM - 11 Mar 2019

Shhhh 🤫. When Matt Ellis speaks, everyone listens. Our CFO is covering everything from business excellence to ZBB and investor day feedback. #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   6:10 PM - 11 Mar 2019

“We are an AND company we can grow revenue and manage costs at the same time.” - Matt Ellis #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   6:59 PM - 11 Mar 2019

That’s a wrap for Day 1. We will be back tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM ET - until then...you’re Up To Speed. #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   8:18 AM - 12 Mar 2019

And we're getting set for day two! Follow us for all the updates. #LiveFromVerizon

Hans Vestberg - @HansVestberg

Good day 1 on the @verizon leadership forum. A lot to do and 20 days left to Verizon 2.0 kicks in. @VZUpToSpeed

  @VZUpToSpeed   8:32 AM - 12 Mar 2019

Kicking off the meeting with a quick video recapping everything discussed yesterday. We've got another busy day ahead! Stay tuned for more. #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   8:40 AM - 12 Mar 2019

@HansVestberg is welcoming the crowd with his usual enthusiasm. His energy is infectious. #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   8:40 AM - 12 Mar 2019

@HansVestberg is welcoming the crowd with his usual enthusiasm. His energy is infectious. #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   9:25 AM - 12 Mar 2019

@HansVestberg talks about the three things he wants employees to take away from yesterday’s webcast, and we will continue to live-tweet from Day 2 of the Leadership Forum all day, so keep following. #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   9:55 AM - 12 Mar 2019

@RoseStuckeyKirk, Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer at Verizon, is discussing societal changes and our responsibility. #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   9:56 AM - 12 Mar 2019

“With social responsibility, we are trying to embed a set of principles, guidelines and actions that ensure we tackle the biggest problems in the world to benefit our customers, shareholder, employees and society.” - @RoseStuckeyKirk #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   10:00 AM - 12 Mar 2019

“We want to use the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals as a proxy for how we think about our social responsibility journey.” - @RoseStuckeyKirk. Learn more about the goals - Sustainable Development Goals | UNDP #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   10:02 AM - 12 Mar 2019

@RoseStuckeyKirk has put together a social responsibility steering committee with leaders across the business - including Network, Product, HR, Finance and more. #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   10:08 AM - 12 Mar 2019

“We remain committed to the work we’ve been doing to address the digital divide. We call that Verizon Innovative Learning. It actually impacts UN Sustainability Goal #4 - quality education.” - @RoseStuckeyKirk Learn more: Verizon Innovative Learning #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   10:10 AM - 12 Mar 2019

“This fall we will have 10 5G Verizon Innovative Learning Schools. We are the first in the country to do this.” @RoseStuckeyKirk #LiveFromVerizon

50 new schools to join Verizon Innovative Learning for the 2019-20 school year

  @VZUpToSpeed   10:46 AM - 12 Mar 2019

Up, next CMO @diegoscotti talking about the brand. He says, "The brand is an asset that has a value, and that we have to grow." #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   10:47 AM - 12 Mar 2019

"Our goal is to be perceived as an innovation leader - famous for the quality of our networks and experience with social responsibility at its core." - @diegoscotti #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   10:49 AM - 12 Mar 2019

"Trust + Innovation + Network superiority = Verizon." - @diegoscotti #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   10:54 AM - 12 Mar 2019

"We are living in a time of mistrust. Trust is something that you have to demonstrate in order for people to believe. We can do ads until we die and nobody will believe us - if the actions are not there to back it up." - @diegoscotti #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   11:05 AM - 12 Mar 2019

“Our spokesperson has shifted to the people - our customers. And that’s a really powerful force for us.” - Andrew McKechnie. Watch some of our new ads: There are 130 million reasons why people choose Verizon #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   11:22 AM - 12 Mar 2019

“Are you ready to go back to school?” - Marc Reed’s up to talk about a new curriculum for leaders - Leadership Edge. #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   11:24 AM - 12 Mar 2019

"If there isn’t a little bit of healthy tension, we probably aren’t working hard enough to get the results we want to get." - Marc Reed #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   12:33 PM - 12 Mar 2019

@HansVestberg has some challenging questions for the leaders based on Pulse Survey feedback and Verizon 2.0. #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   12:43 PM - 12 Mar 2019

Closing time. @HansVestberg is going over his expectations of 2.0, the focus, leadership and principles it will take. #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   12:47 PM - 12 Mar 2019

And, that's a wrap. Thanks for hanging with us for the March Leadership Forum. Until next time! #LiveFromVerizon

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