Verizon Service Hero is a High Demand FiOS Tech

Verizon among Top 50 Employers by Equal Opportunity Magazine

When the owner of a major sports team in the Tampa Bay area had trouble with a home theatre system he was having installed, he called on Verizon and Jason Stewart for help.

Stewart, fiber network field technician, had originally installed FiOS at the house so he responded to help the AV specialist who was installing the new system.  He detached all the devices and tested each one individually, systematically identifying which ones were causing interference or not working properly.  After spending hours testing and re-configuring the system to work properly, Stewart then took the time to explain to the AV specialist what the problems were and showed him what changes were made. Thanks to his expertise and professionalism, team managers now request him to install FiOS for all the players who sign up with Verizon.

This story illustrates just one reason why Stewart was named the most recent “Service Hero” for Verizon’s FiOS franchise in the Tampa Bay area.  Stewart has worked for Verizon for 15 years, moving from a copper tech to his current role as a fiber network field technician.  He is a recognized subject matter expert and is often called upon to conduct peer-to-peer training.  His sense of urgency has saved numerous frustrated customers and, thanks to Stewart’s professional approach, turned them into promoters of Verizon’s products and services.

Stewart is also willing to take the extra steps necessary to build business relationships that benefit FiOS such as his arrangement with the owner of a local audio-video shop that installs media equipment for local Tampa Bay area residents.  When this individual has a service challenge with his customers and Verizon involving the technology, he reaches out directly to Stewart for resolution.  This relationship has led to a number of customers switching their provider to enjoy the superior picture quality offered by FiOS HD service and the fast, consistent Internet service offered by FiOS Quantum. 

Stewart recognizes that as the Verizon Credo states in part, “we have work because our customers value our high-quality communication services.” He does not shrink from challenges, yet another of the many reasons he was selected to represent Verizon as a Service Hero. As a Service Hero, Stewart will be featured in local newspaper and TV ads and his photo now appears on the window of Verizon’s building in downtown Tampa.