Verizon stands ready to respond during severe weather season and beyond

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Year-round preparations, network infrastructure enhancements and resource staging demonstrate commitment to reliability and safety

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NEW YORK - With the arrival of the spring season, communities across the country are urging residents to make preparations for the possibility of severe weather events such as tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding and wildfires. Verizon stands ready to respond to any event as a result of year-round preparations including emergency drill exercises, network infrastructure enhancements and resource staging for rapid response. Verizon’s readiness is a demonstration of its commitment to reliability and maintaining the safety and connectivity of communities, businesses and first responders.

“We know our customers rely on us to connect with loved ones or request help when extreme weather strikes which is why we’ve built and designed our network with industry leading resiliency and reliability,” said Julie Slattery, Senior Vice President of Core Engineering & Operations at Verizon. “Our team invests considerable time and money to prepare for, and test our ability to respond to emergency situations so our people and assets are ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice to assist with rapid recovery efforts to keep customers connected.”

Verizon’s networks are primed

Verizon's extreme network is built with industry leading resiliency and reliability to withstand severe weather. In preparation for severe weather events:

  • Verizon engineers conduct thorough checks year-round, ensuring backup systems like batteries and generators are operational across all of its macro cell sites, with 79% equipped with backup generators.

  • Verizon has a fleet of over 550 portable network assets spread out across the country for rapid deployment, including generator-powered cell sites, drones, and a fixed-wing aircraft for aerial support.

  • Additionally, Verizon boasts an industry leading 200 satellite-based portable network assets, providing crucial connectivity in scenarios where fiber connections are compromised.

Verizon’s Response Team is trained to run to a crisis

Verizon’s Response Team is made up of various groups of specialized engineers and technicians which include former first responders and military personnel who are trained to run to a crisis. The Verizon Response Team includes:

  • Verizon’s Major Emergency Response Incident Team (MERIT), a specialized team of hazardous material-certified Verizon technicians and engineers.

  • Verizon’s Dedicated Impact Response Team (DIRT), technicians and engineers with specialty training in mobile satellite asset deployment, basic generator repair, and cable/connector making.

  • Verizon’s Emergency Response Team (ERT), technicians and engineers supporting wireline operations specialized in restoring fiber connections.

  • Verizon Frontline Crisis Response Team dedicated to providing on-demand, emergency communication assistance during crisis situations to government agencies and emergency responders, on a 24/7 basis.

First responders are empowered with Verizon Frontline

The Verizon Frontline Crisis Response Team is poised to provide on-demand, emergency assistance to government agencies and first responders to help maintain mission-critical communications during emergency response operations at no cost to the supported agency.

Primarily composed of former first responders and military members, the Verizon Frontline Crisis Response Team responded to more than 1,600 requests for support from nearly 900 federal, state and local public safety agencies across all 50 states in 2023.

Are you ready for a severe weather event?

Verizon emphasizes the importance of individual preparedness. When a severe weather event is forecast:

  • Keep devices dry. While many phones today have some degree of water resistance, you still want to take some extra care to ensure phones, tablets, batteries, chargers and other equipment remain dry and accessible. Plastic zipper storage bags help shield devices, and there are weatherproof phones, phone cases and other protective accessories available.

  • Keep devices fully charged. Make sure your device is ready when you need it by keeping phone and tablet batteries fully charged in case commercial power goes out.

  • Get some backup. When power is out for an extended period of time, portable battery packs can be a game-changer to ensure you remain connected. Don’t forget your car chargers as well in case you need to evacuate.

  • Create a list. Keep a list of emergency numbers in your phone so that you have them if needed.

  • Be prepared for loss. Take pictures of valuables and other important belongings for possible insurance claims. Make sure they’re uploaded to the cloud so you have a backup.

  • Review checklists. Review the hurricane preparedness checklist, power outage checklist and other resources from the American Red Cross.

  • Download useful apps. There are plenty of free weather, news, and safety-related apps available for download to your smartphone.

Verizon is committed to its employees

Through the VtoV Employee Relief Fund, Verizon employees impacted by natural disasters can apply to receive aid, reinforcing a pledge to stand together in times of need.

More information

Visit our Emergency Resource Center at for further details on Verizon's emergency response capabilities.

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