Verizon volunteers make a global impact with Tech4Girls.

By: Donna M Navedo Sexton
Manager-Corporate Communications

Empowering young girls around the globe to learn about different technologies and opportunities to shape their futures.

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With Verizon’s support, the global Tech4Girls workshop series aims to overcome gender barriers in relation to access to, and use of, digital technologies. Having already worked with over 750 girls in 6 different countries, this important work will shape the workforce of tomorrow, ensuring that girls have the diverse skills and perspectives needed to thrive in technology.  

We were lucky enough to meet Chelsea Mohammad, who participated in a Tech4Girls workshop in Trinidad and Tobago. She took part in the Girls in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Day activities organized by the Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (TATT). 

Verizon volunteers make a global impact with Tech4Girls.

This event focuses on young female entrepreneurs from 18 to 25  years old who aspire to learn more about ICT. This was Chelsea’s first time taking an online course and using Zoom. “I was nervous to see how this would go,” she said. “But I met a lot of really great people and it was a very enjoyable experience.” 

As a result of her efforts, Chelsea was one of the winners of the Shopify Website Competition for her web page design, and participated in the keynote event that featured Sanyogita Shamsunder, Verizon VP of Technology Development & Planning, who spoke about the possibilities for girls/women in technology. 

Chelsea sees herself as an artist and says this experience “increased my interest in learning more about technology and how it can influence art through animation.”

Verizon volunteers make a global impact with Tech4Girls.

Sanyogita also participated in the Award Event in December 2020 for the Tech4Girls workshop in Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica. She gave an inspirational speech, sharing her own experiences, not having any female engineers to look up to as a young girl. “I didn’t even know that these careers existed,” she said. “I knew I liked math and in the tenth grade, I decided to go towards electrical engineering because it seemed to have the most math involved.” Now, as a professional in network engineering, and a mother of two young women, Sanyogita knows the value of having a mentor to encourage breaking stereotypes and moving towards something you love.

Get involved to support Tech4Girls.

You have a unique voice that can inspire a young person to strive for more in their lives. This program needs volunteers to engage young girls around the world. Learn more about the GSMA Tech4Girls program and consider becoming a volunteer. We currently have a volunteer opportunity available to Serve in the Tech4Girls E-Mentorship Programme. This is a global opportunity for V Teamers to contribute their skills, as mentors, to coach and guide young women (the mentees) on their learning and professional journey by leveraging their experience as mobile industry professionals.  Verizon Media employees are also encouraged to participate in Event ID 4750.

Discover where you can use your talents and perhaps get your family involved.  No matter what you decide to do, we want to hear about it.  

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Verizon volunteers make a global impact with Tech4Girls.
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About the author:

Donna is part of the Corporate Employee Communications team, focused on our socially responsible business practices through Citizen Verizon's Diversity, Equity & Inclusion initiatives and the Women's CoLab.

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