Verizon's bilingual ambassadors

Verizon's Bilingual Ambassadors

Using a common language helps people truly understand one another. Connecting with customers on this level helps establish relationships built on trust. That’s why we have a great team of multilingual retail sales and customer service professionals. If you speak more than one language, we can help you use your skills to build a meaningful career while helping your community at the same time.

Serve Your Community

Our bilingual sales and service reps connect with customers using a variety of languages, including Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Polish, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Armenian, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Portuguese and Hebrew.

“When I worked in our Baldwin Park store, nearly all of our customers spoke Spanish,” says Elena Valdovinos, a retail sales representative in Southern California. “Verizon wanted to help our customers and made sure the store was staffed with Spanish speaking reps.”


Vadim Tapcov, a retail customer service rep in Philadelphia, speaks Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian and some German, which allows him to interact with his local community on their terms. “I add a personal touch and explain things in their native language so they can easily understand what we provide,” he says. “Verizon appreciates the unique needs of my community and put me in a position where I can make a difference.”


Make the Most of Your Language Skills

Knowing more than one language is a valuable asset to our team, and we can offer you perks like training and tuition assistance.

“I’m in a Manhattan store where there’s a large Chinese community,” says Ted Teng, a retail customer service representative who speaks Mandarin and some Cantonese. “The fact I spoke Mandarin piqued the manager’s interest, and he interviewed me in Mandarin to test my proficiency. I got the job specifically for my language skills.”


Elena  says being bilingual led to an expanded role on her team. “Besides doing retail sales, I also play an active part in hiring new employees using bilingual assessments that find candidates who are best able to communicate with our customers,” she explains.  “And training is a big plus. The bilingual representatives in the Southern California region went to a two-day training course geared specifically to communicating and selling in Spanish,” she says.

Find That Special Connection

Using your language skills to help people resolve issues and find the best solutions will give you a special connection with your heritage and community.

“Customers have actually hugged me. They’re so relieved that I can break through the language barrier,” says Vadim. “One customer struggling to understand an overdue bill actually cried after I figured out what was going on. She was so happy. It’s so rewarding to do that as part of my job, and it’s a blessing to feel that way on a daily basis.”

Vadim feels deep ties with his Philadelphia community. “I help my customers express their thoughts and emotions in their own language,” he says. “It makes the whole experience so fulfilling and so personal.”