Visit any Verizon store and try out the LG 360 CAM | About Verizon

Visit any Verizon store and try out the LG 360 CAM

By: Albert Aydin

First things first. What is 360 video? The best way to describe it is to experience it. Take a look at the video above. If you’re on a smartphone, rotate and move it around. Yes that’s right; there are puppies in every direction. If you’re on a laptop or desktop, click and drag with the mouse to change the viewing angle.

360 video is created with cameras that simultaneously capture 360-degrees of the environment. For example, taking a video at an iconic location while traveling will record everything around instead of just what’s in front of the camera.

And that’s just an example. Are you ready to start creating 360-degree videos? Verizon offers the LG 360 CAM, a compact camera with two 13-megapixel wide-angle lenses that make it simple to create and upload 360 content.

LG 360CAM app

The camera is compatible with Android and iOS devices through the LG 360 CAM app and compliments your phone with features like:

  • Remote Filming: set the camera somewhere and control the shutter button.
  • Share: One tap sharing makes it easy to upload (no editing or video conversion required) to YouTube and Facebook for friends to watch in 360 degrees.
  • Change camera options: resolution, sound channel, shoot mode, manual mode, timer, spherical/half spherical mode.

Experience it

Try it out for yourself. Visit the nearest Verizon store and ask for a demonstration. The LG 360CAM is currently available online and in stores for $199.99.

Albert Aydin is a Verizon Wireless analyst for Corporate Communications focusing on the latest and greatest wireless devices. He writes about smartphones, tablets, mobile hotspots and all the cool things you can do using 4G LTE. He also writes about those upcoming devices en Español. He was a Verizon Wireless summer intern throughout his college years before joining the team full time in 2010.