Verizon is committed to addressing issues that impair completion of calls to rural areas. If you suspect rural call completion (RLEC) issues on the Verizon network, please report the issue to Verizon utilizing one of the two methods below. 

Call the Verizon RLEC Hotline

Toll Free:  (800) 285-3776

Email us @

Please Note: When contacting Verizon regarding a rural call completion issue, please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • To and from telephone numbers.

  • Date and time of the call during which the issues were experienced.

  • A description of the issue or concern.

  • A description of any testing the rural carrier has already conducted with their customer to rule out local network or tandem issues or issues at the end-user premise.

  • Contact information for a rural carrier representative that Verizon can contact to obtain more information, provide updates, or engage in trouble-shooting or cooperative testing. (Verizon will retain this contact information and may provide it to the FCC.)

To request a Milliwatt Test from Verizon, go to: