6 tips for the best (virtual) Mother’s Day

Here are some of our top tips to help you and Mom connect.

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If you can’t be with Mom on Mother’s Day, the next best thing is a call with her.

That’s always been the case and now with social distancing, technology is our lifeline to staying connected. So how do you make it special and more memorable than a regular audio call?

That’s where we come in to help you plan the best virtual Mother’s Day ever.

  1. Pick a time everyone can manage.  Decide on the best time of day to schedule your call. If you have young kids, this could mean first thing in the morning or right after naps to ensure they’re willing to participate - trust us, we speak from experience!

  2. Choose a group Mom is sure to love. Ask yourself - who do we need to invite? Maybe Mom’s not up for a zillion calls and it may be better to have one big Google Hangout with your siblings and their families. If so, coordinate with them a few days ahead of the big call and set a time that works for everyone.

  3. Consider a theme. Why not take it up a notch and set a theme around something your mother loves? Maybe it’s the beach, flowers, a celebrity or band. Whatever it is, it will make her feel special knowing you took extra care to cater to her interests.

  4. Break out the memories. One extra sweet idea? Have everyone on the call share a favorite memory with Mom/grandma. Nothing lets her know she’s loved like hearing how many wonderful moments she’s created for her family.

  5. Manage time wisely. Consider setting “share time” limits so everyone gets a chance to participate – otherwise it’s not a virtual party. Suggest an amount of time for folks to talk that would be appropriate for your group size and expected call length. Someone should serve as the official timekeeper (like a tech referee/troubleshooter) to keep people on track.

  6. Toast Mom. Finally, close out your family celebration with a toast to Mom. If possible, coordinate with Dad or whomever shares her home to have some bubbly on hand when it’s time to raise a glass to all of her love and dedication.

Finally, it’s no fun if your call drops or they lose WiFi. It may be worth giving them a boost with a Jetpack.

Follow these tips and you’ll give this fabulous lady a Mother’s Day to remember.

Extra credit

Here are some tips to look your best on camera and make Mom proud:

  1. Camera positioning.  Keep it eye level unless you’re up for the “Influencer Angle”. That’s as easy as elevating the laptop or phone so it’s angled slightly down at you.

  2. Lighting. Go au naturel by sitting in front of a window with the camera facing you and the window behind it. It’s better than any filter. You can also make sure you’re well-lit by substituting a lamp for the window so long as the light falls evenly on your face.

  3. Framing. Add some depth by making sure you have something pretty behind you such as a plant or vase. Get rid of any clutter visible in the shot to keep the shot clean. Always maintain some headroom - that means making sure the top of your head is in the shot, and not cut off from view.

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