How to use myPlan to save on adding a new line for your kid’s first phone

By: Molly McGinn

Learn how to save on the cost of new lines and monthly streaming fees—and add digital protection to your kid’s first phone—with Verizon and myPlan.

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Parent Using MyPlan To Add New Line For Kid’s First Phone

This is the year your kid is getting a first phone. The good news is that adding a line can actually help you save more on your new wireless bill each month while still keeping those top-tier benefits. And with myPlan, you can get savings to help with other parts of your (digital) life, too.

Here’s how.

myPlan lets you design your own service plan for each line. And when you add a new line for that first phone for your kid, you can also pick the Perks based on what they use the most—like music and video streaming apps—and only pay for the Perks you want for their first phone line. That means no one is locked into using the same Perks or plan, and you can switch your perks on and off at any time.

When you add a new line for your kid’s first phone, choose from one of myPlan’s three new wireless plans: Unlimited Ultimate, Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Welcome. Each one offers unlimited talk, data and text. Then choose the plan that fits your budget when you start adding new lines.

Parent tip: For example, if you and your partner want to use Unlimited Ultimate, you’ll pay $80 for two lines. But if you’re adding two new lines for the kids’ phones, you’ll save more when you choose Unlimited Plus or Unlimited Welcome for their lines.

MyPlan | First Phone

Here’s what you need to know about each plan.

Unlimited Ultimate

Best for: Those who prioritize top-tier features and entertainment

Key features:

  • Unlimited talk, text and data

  • 5G Ultra Wideband

  • Full HD video (up to 1080p) streaming

  • 60 GB of mobile hotspot data per line

  • No extra cost to use plan in 210+ countries and destinations

Unlimited Plus

Best for: Those seeking a balance between premium features and affordability

Key features:

  • Unlimited talk, text and data

  • 5G Ultra Wideband

  • HD video (up to 720p) streaming video

  • 30 GB of mobile hotspot data per line

  • No extra cost to use plan in Mexico and Canada

Unlimited Welcome

Best for: Budget-conscious families with essential connectivity needs

Key features:

  • Unlimited talk, text and data

  • 5G nationwide

  • DVD-quality video (up to 480p)

  • No extra cost to use plan in Mexico and Canada

Learn about even more savings and options for each plan on the myPlan page.

Save on monthly streaming costs when you add Perks

Perks are the exclusive extras you can add to your plan to help you get select premium services and still save on the monthly costs to stream music and videos, get groceries delivered, or use hotspot data.

Parent tip: For example, you may want to add Walmart+ to your Unlimited Ultimate plan. And you can add the Disney Bundle to your kids’ Unlimited Plus plan, so they can watch their favorite movies on their first phone.

Disney Bundle

Get the Disney Bundle straight from Disney and you’ll pay $18.99 a month. But with Verizon Perks, you get Disney+ Premium (no ads), Hulu (with ads) and ESPN+ (with ads) for just $10 a month, saving you more than $100 a year.

Verizon Savings For Disney Bundle | First Phone

Mobile hotspot

Add 100 GB of mobile hotspot data (in addition to the amount that comes with your particular Unlimited plan) so your kids can stream videos and play games in the car on their first phone for just $10 a month, saving you $420 a year.

Verizon Savings For 100 GB Mobile Hotspot | First Phone

Apple One

Stream all your music, movies and games from Apple, and you’ll pay $16.95 – $22.95 per month. But with this Verizon Perk added to your wireless plan, you get it all for just $10 a month, plus 50 – 200 GB of iCloud storage.

Verizon Savings For Apple One | First Phone

How to save on purchasing the first phone

If it’s a birthday or holiday present, check the deals page first to get the best price on a new device. You can also trade in those smartwatches and tablets and get credit toward a new purchase.

More ways to help keep your kid safe

Verizon Smart Family is a parental control app you install on their first phone and your phone so you can monitor their texts, calls, and contacts as well as apply content filters and block apps. Plus, you can track their phones and make sure they got to school on time with the app’sGPS tracking. There’s a monthly subscription fee, but you can try Smart Family Premium for the first 30 days for free, $9.99/mo after.

Save on streaming fees and the cost of adding new lines for their first phone with myPlan.

About the author:

Molly is an award-winning tech and child development writer for Parenting in the Digital World.


The author has been compensated by Verizon for this article.

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