GizmoWatch: 3 reasons why it could be a good choice for your child

By: Neil Mitchell

Considering a kids smartwatch? The GizmoWatch Disney Edition could be a great tool for both parental peace of mind and kids’ tech enjoyment.

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Talking to your kids about online safety and establishing responsible digital habits should be part of every parent’s strategy in our digital age. Selecting the right devices for your family—especially that critical first device—is a key component of this strategy. For most families, choosing a device such as a kids smartwatch calls for a balancing act. Parents want to keep their kids safe and secure, while kids want access to fun and cool tech without limitations that feel restrictive and overbearing.

Enter the kids smartwatch. While many parents still worry about screen time, the smartwatch is a good middle-ground device for parents who want the added layer of security and communication when their child is not ready for the full responsibility of a phone. Plus, the smartwatch can help kids create important routines, and set reminders to do chores around the house and finish assignments.

Verizon has partnered with Disney+ to meet the needs of both kids and parents with the GizmoWatch Disney Edition. This new kids smartwatch offers robust online safety features while providing a fun and interactive user experience for kids.

For parents: It’s a kids smartwatch made for safety and security

The GizmoWatch Disney Edition has been designed with child safety in mind. Its safety features include a GPS locator and a medical ID that can be created to indicate your child’s height, weight and medication needs. There are also easy-to-use parental controls and filters so you can be sure your child is accessing only age-appropriate content. Camera functionality allows videos and pics to be shared, but the selective contacts functionality means that parents can select who can receive videos and photos from their kids. Quick dial is also available for key contacts. There is no video chat function.

These safety and control features give parents peace of mind. Yet the GizmoWatch still provides options for kids.

For kids: It’s a fun introduction to tech

Immersive, fun and customizable for kids’ self expression, the Disney Edition of the Gizmo is the first kids wearable tech device in the U.S. to feature a front-facing camera, enabling the child to send video and picture messages to up to 10 trusted contacts. The Disney name brings with it fully animated character-based watches to choose from: Baby Yoda, Buzz Lightyear, Darth Vader, Elsa, Minnie Mouse, and Marvel characters.

“The characters act as companions for children and are woven throughout the experience,” according to a news release for the smartwatch for kids. “An activity tracking feature can use their favorite character to motivate and reward children for keeping active.” New characters will be added in the future. An additional accessory band can be purchased to create a more personalized experience.

For parents and kids: It can help establish good digital habits

With tools like alarms, to-do lists and a weather app, the Gizmo provides features that can help kids stay organized and on top of their day. Set daily chores and reminders, such as “brush teeth for two minutes” or “read 15 minutes before bed.” Or set physical activity and step count goals.

The GizmoWatch Disney Edition is a great way to introduce your kids to technology. When kids ages 6 to 10 are looking forward to their first device, the Gizmo gives them entertaining features while letting parents breathe easier.

Is your child still too young for a smartwatch? Consider a kids tablet, such as the TCL Tab Family Edition.

About the author:

Neil Mitchell is media consultant, focused on digital and online safety. He has been working with Verizon on online safety issues for over a decade.


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