How can I help to protect my kids from inappropriate internet content?

By: Magid

A suite of digital parental controls from Verizon—plus a few settings changes on their devices—can help you learn how to block inappropriate content.

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How To Help Protect A Child From Inappropriate Internet Content

We live in a time of constant access to video, music, games and media of all kinds. As exciting as this is, it can be stressful for parents. How can you control what your kids have access to? How can you be sure they’re using technology responsibly?

From internet parental controls to security apps, Verizon provides parents with tools to help manage their families’ digital media experiences. The controls and tools below showcase numerous options available to parents. Know what these are and how to use them to protect you and your kids from inappropriate content.

Manage your kids’ online and wireless access from one location.

If you subscribe to a Verizon Fios Internet plan, the My Fios app gives you an easy-to-use option for accessing and controlling inappropriate internet content, home phone and TV accounts from anywhere. The My Fios app can be used to manage how much time kids spend online and lets you set daily or weekly time limits on any connected device.

Protect your kids from mature content on your TV.

Fios TV parental controls go beyond the standard filters of TV content ratings. Using your Fios TV remote or your My Verizon account, you can set up parental controls that will let you block inappropriate content by age group, control the display of certain programming and information on the on-screen guide, and even block specific channels or categories.

Protect your kids’ devices against online threats like hacking, viruses and identity theft.

Digital Secure1 fortifies your online safety and data protection with an array of tools, including antivirus protection, identity theft protection, identity recovery support, plus a secure connection over Wi-Fi to help keep personal data and online activities private.

Use the built-in filters on your device.

Before you hand over the device to your kids, limit what apps, games and websites they can access from the phone—and block voice search from responding to explicit language. If you have a shared family account, such as Apple’s Family Sharing, you may be able to lock in these settings from your device. Look for Screen Time on iOS devices, or Family Link on Android devices.

Install a parental control app to monitor calling and text history, as well as filter content.

Do you want to block inappropriate content on your kids’ phones? Install Verizon’s parental control app Smart Family on your phone and your child’s phone, and you’ll be able to manage content from your device. Smart Family will send you a notification if your child is checking out an inappropriate website based on content filters you set.

With Smart Family, you can also monitor who your kids are talking to, how often and for how long when they’re using their phone. Set up a list of approved contacts and get a notification when they add someone new.

Be a #DigitalParent pro.

You’re in the right place. Parenting in a Digital World is full of advice and information for parents on current tech trends and concerns.

Block inappropriate content with Smart Family.

1 Only smartphones are eligible. Select features may be accessed on tablets and computers. OS restrictions apply: Android 4.4+ & iOS 11+. Digital Secure app download required; enroll in identity theft monitoring via the app. Verizon does not monitor all transactions and cannot protect against all identity theft. Customer should contact the three national credit bureaus to monitor credit report. Security Advisor does not provide real-time notification of sensitive data exposure; virus/malware removal; home network hacking mitigation; or data loss management.

About the author:

This article was written and provided in collaboration with Magid, a research firm focused on digital and online safety. They have been working with Verizon on online safety issues for over a decade.


The author has been compensated by Verizon for this article.

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