Environment|Renewable Energy

Adopting an important new green energy goal

During the course of the past seven years, Verizon has made it a priority to deploy more green energy resources – such as solar and fuel cell technology – in our facilities. In 2016, we set a goal to add an additional 24 megawatts of green energy in our operations by 2025.

In 2018 Verizon committed to a new goal: to source or generate renewable energy equivalent to 50 percent of our total annual electricity consumption by 2025. We’ll achieve this by continuing our development of renewables at our own operations and by sourcing green energy from external sources.

Early in 2019 we issued our first-ever green bond, a debt instrument aligned with the interests of a growing number of environmentally conscious investors. The bond’s $1 billion proceeds will be used to fund important environmental initiatives in the areas of renewable energy, energy efficiency, green buildings, water conservation and biodiversity.