Every parent these days will need to have "the talk" with their kids. But it may not be the one you're thinking of. It's when they start asking for a cell phone. And it is absolutely going to happen. But, it's a good thing. Kids having their own phone is a huge benefit to parents. And here are five reasons why.

You'll know where your kids are, how to reach them and who they're communicating with.

Since you can give them a call or shoot them a text, there's never anything to worry about. Plus, services like Family Locator give you GPS tracking, so you can check your kid's location whether it's after school or after curfew. Verizon Family Base is amazing as well. It's a service that lets you see who your kids are texting or calling and control how much data they're using. You can even remotely lock their phone if they're getting a little too distracted during homework time.

They stay more organized when they can sync up devices.

Between homework, sports and part-time jobs, kids stay really busy. But if you get the right devices synced up, they can learn a lot about how to schedule their time without overdoing it. Get your son or daughter a smartphone that makes it easy for them to take notes and then share them with their computer and smartwatch. The more ways you can keep the kids organized, the less hectic your life can be.

Their schedule stays on your schedule with calendar reminders.

Set up calendar reminders for your children that you set up on all your phones. Sit down at the beginning of every month and fill out your calendars together. Set up reminders for things like feeding the dog, starting a science project, or needing to be home at a certain time. And if anything changes, a quick text sorts everything out.

Apps and phone accessories can be used as rewards.

Would you believe that a phone helps with chores? If you use apps and accessories as rewards, it definitely does. They're going to want a phone case. They'll say they NEED new headphones. So use those accessories or app downloads to your advantage. They get what they want and you get some help around the house.

Your kid having a phone can bring you closer as a family.

Maybe the best thing that can happen to your family if you get your child a phone is bringing you closer together. Once your kid has a phone, you can share videos, play games together, even download ebooks you both want to read. It's a great way to see the world through your kid's eyes.

You can find the phone that's best for your kid. From there, it's easy to add a line to your Verizon account. And the Verizon Plan even adds lots more data to share with the whole family.