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Advertising Programs Privacy Notice - October 2015

AOL recently became part of Verizon. Verizon and AOL will work together to deliver services that are more personalized and useful to you.

The Verizon family of companies offers a wide and growing variety of free services, including The Huffington Post, MapQuest, and our new mobile video service, go90. Like many others online, these services are made possible by advertising. The best advertising is for something you might actually want, and that is what we want to give you.

To help make this happen, starting in November, we will combine Verizon’s existing advertising programs–Relevant Mobile Advertising and Verizon Selects– into the AOL Advertising Network. The combination will help make the ads you see more valuable across the different devices and services you use.

What information do these advertising programs use?

The Relevant Mobile Advertising program uses your postal and email addresses, certain information about your Verizon products and services (such as device type), and information we obtain from other companies (such as gender, age range, and interests). The separate Verizon Selects program uses this same information plus additional information about your use of Verizon services including mobile Web browsing, app and feature usage and location of your device. The AOL Advertising Network uses information collected when you use AOL services and visit third-party websites where AOL provides advertising services (such as Web browsing, app usage, and location), as well as information that AOL obtains from third-party partners and advertisers.

We do not share information that identifies you personally as part of these programs other than with vendors and partners who do work for us. We require that these vendors and partners protect the information and use it only for the services they are providing us.

How do these advertising programs work?

These programs use online and device identifiers, including AOL browser cookies, ad IDs from Apple and Google, and one created by Verizon, known as a “Unique Identifier Header.” When the Verizon and AOL programs are combined, this Verizon identifier will be inserted in certain Web traffic that is sent only to Verizon companies (including AOL) and to certain partners. These partners will be authorized to use the Verizon identifier only as part of Verizon and AOL services.

We will use these identifiers to help make our advertising programs better by, for example:

  • Linking Verizon advertising program information to information AOL has, to provide more personalized advertising.
  • Connecting app and web browsing activity so ads linked to your interests can appear in both.
  • Helping to determine that different devices have the same user so AOL can deliver better advertising in more places.
Your choices

The privacy of our customers is important to us, and if you don’t want to participate in these programs, you don’t have to. You can opt out of Relevant Mobile Advertising by visiting your privacy choices page in MyVerizon or calling 1.866.211.0874. If you have previously opted out of Relevant Mobile Advertising, you do not need to opt out again. You are only part of Verizon Selects if you have joined or choose to opt in to Verizon Selects in the future. You can see your participation status and makes changes at your privacy choices page in MyVerizon.

You also have choices about how AOL uses information for advertising purposes. Please note that using browser controls such as clearing cookies on your devices or clearing your browser history is not an effective way to opt out of the Verizon or AOL advertising programs.

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