Privacy Policy

Privacy Officer Message

Verizon has a long standing and continuing commitment to customer privacy.

Verizon’s networks, products and services provide vast and growing capabilities and opportunities for our customers. We understand that our customers use the full set of these products and services only if they trust that the privacy choices they make are respected. Therefore, we strive to be as transparent as possible with our customers and to provide them with appropriate choices about how their information can be used. Protecting the privacy of customer information is part of each Verizon employee's responsibility, and we have safeguards in place to guard against misuse or disclosure of this information.

Verizon’s Privacy Policy covers website visitors and customers in the United States and provides details about our privacy practices across Verizon's products and services. You can find quick answers to immediate questions on the Privacy Policy summary page which links to the full details of our policies. You can quickly navigate to additional resources, such as the AOL Privacy Policy, to get additional information about the collection and use of information from devices you use to access AOL websites, services and software. You can also find helpful definitions, tools and additional details from links within the policies.

We update the Privacy Policy when we believe additional information will help our customers understand what we collect and how we use the information we have, like when we introduce new products, services or practices. The Verizon Privacy Policy continues to spell out our commitment to protecting the privacy of customer information and gives us and our customers a guide for putting it into action every day.

Karen Zacharia
Chief Privacy Officer

Updated December 2015