4 executive women who go beyond at Verizon.

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For the thirteenth year, Verizon has been recognized as a Top Company for Executive Women by NAFE.

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Verizon has been named a 2020 Top Company for Executive Women by the National Association of Female Executives (NAFE) for the thirteenth consecutive year. This year’s list recognized companies that have high female representation in key management positions, as well as programs, policies and resources to help women advance in their careers.

This Women’s History Month, we highlight some of our own executive women at Verizon who have demonstrated the power to go beyond. Learn about some of our successful women in business.

Krista Bourne, SVP of Sales and Operations.

Q: What do you like most about your role at Verizon?

A: My favorite part is the ability to reimagine sales, as well as the customer experience. Verizon is one of the biggest brands in the business and getting to reshape how we deliver on distribution is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Starting her career in the mailroom of Bell Atlantic Mobile, Krista Bourne has moved up the corporate ladder to call center director, retail sales leader, market leader, and currently, SVP of Sales and Operations.

One of the most important lessons she learned along the way was standing firm in her beliefs and opinions: “We have a tendency to try to adapt to the environment and play to the audience, but you have to be able to stand tall in your truth. If you’re comfortable doing that, you can find success in any leadership position you take on.” Read Krista Bourne’s story.

Abby Knowles, VP of West Network Assurance.

Q: What experiences have stuck with you throughout your Verizon career?

A: I have been fortunate to have been led by women and seen women in top leadership roles right from the start of my career. A team of all women senior leaders in tech leading operations for Verizon across the globe — fancy that!

When Abby Knowles began her Verizon career as an engineer, a group of co-workers gave her advice that she has carried with her throughout her career journey: Fearlessly pursue opportunities. 

These words have guided Abby’s career journey as she has moved up in the company, overseeing Verizon through many changes, including building FiOS, launching a nationwide 4G network and building up the 5G network.  

As a leader, Abby pays it forward by ensuring that everyone on her team has their voice heard. For her, driving an inclusive culture and bringing diverse talent to Verizon’s technical organizations is part of her life’s work. Read Abby Knowles’ story.


Krista Page, VP of Global Strategic Sourcing.

Q: What do you like most about your Verizon role?

A: Building others is what energizes me the most and I’m able to do that here at Verizon. Harnessing partnerships, bringing diverse groups together to think differently about a challenge, and unlocking innovation is what excites me the most.

Coming from a long line of service members, Krista always knew she wanted to follow in this path. During her time in the military, Krista even became the first woman to cross commission from the Naval Academy into the Army. 

While transitioning from military to civilian life came with its challenges, she was able to leverage the many skills she gained in the military, which actually helped her advance her career. Of these skills, the most important throughout Krista’s career have been complex problem-solving, decision making, operational excellence and breakthrough thinking. Read Krista Page’s story.



Debika Bhattacharya, VP of Global Presale Solutions.

Q: What are some key takeaways from your career journey?

A: It’s important to try different things and keep an open mind. Don’t be afraid to step up to the plate and tackle difficult problems. Networking and relationships are also key. The first time I took a job here, someone looked at my resume. From there, I moved up the ranks based on the relationships I formed.

Debika Bhattacharya always knew that the tech field is where she wanted to be. With a strong background in engineering and physics along with a lifelong love of math and science, Debika began her Verizon career designing internal IP networks. Today, she leads over 700 technology professionals across 20 countries. 

For over two decades, Debika Bhattacharya has been a champion of diversity and inclusion in tech, pioneering different programs and initiatives that help pave the way for women in technology and contribute to Verizon’s inclusive culture. Read Debika Bhattacharya’s story.

With 33% female representation on our Board of Directors, career development programs, and employee resource groups to support our V Teamers, we’re proud to receive this recognition as we continue to foster a welcoming and inclusive workplace. Learn more about how Verizon cultivates a diverse and inclusive culture for all V Teamers.

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