Employees Name Verizon in Top 10 Happiest Retailers

Employees Name Verizon in Top 10 Happiest Retailers

When it comes to work/life balance, career advancement and benefits, Verizon’s retail store employees are some of the most satisfied. CareerBliss evaluated reviews from our own employees, which led Forbes to name Verizon to the magazine's list of Top 10 Happiest Retailers to work for in 2014.

So what keeps a smile on our employees’ faces?

  1. Solving problems. Our employees get satisfaction from the one-on-one solutions they offer customers. Our technology gives customers everything they need to live, work and play better, every day. Showing grandma how to video chat? Priceless.


  2. Introducing the latest technology. From smart watches to wearable fitness trackers, it’s personally rewarding being able to introduce customers to the cutting-edge, solutions [or services] that help them connect with friends and family.


  3. Variety on the job. No two days are ever the same in a Verizon retail store. The people you assist and their needs are always different, from helping someone understand how much data they need for their family to adjusting security settings on a smartphone.


  4. Career growth. Working in such a dynamic environment means having the agility to change as fast as technology does, which is why we provide training and development at all levels to help employees build their skillsets, develop in their current positions or transition to new roles in the company.